Brand Lead

Shaionna Stovall

The passion to learn, create, and strive for making personal connections are extremely important to me...which is why I won't speak of myself in the third person.

Hi, my name is Shaionna, but you can call me "Shai" to give yourself a peace of mind. I am a former Fine Artist turned Graphic and Interaction Designer- the latter which I have recently earned my BFA in at West Chester University.

Remember when you were younger, and a teacher asked, "what would like to be when you grow up?". I never truly had a concrete answer but the empath in me knew that I simply wanted to aide others through whatever actions I took. I've chose to evolve my natural artistic skills to widen that scope. So Rather you have a far-out concept in mind, a cause that you want to bring awareness to, or just want to make an attractive product, I take great pride in bringing those things into reality while simultaneously fulfilling your own aspirations. From meticulous sketches to vectorized designs, I place great value on making every point of progress a meaningful one. Other than that, I am a true admirer for beautiful Illustration, a frequent ponderer of human philosophy, and an optimistic, occasional goofball. But enough about me- I would like to hear about you. Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

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